Steps to follow for employment

1. Candidate registration

You can send us your CV to the e-mail address or on WhatsApp to the phone number +40 720 787 772 (click on the green symbol at the bottom right - direct connection) specifying which of our positions you opt for, in after viewing them in the section - Jobs. If you do not find any suitable job for you in this section, you can send us your CV, which will be registered in our database for later obtaining a job. We will contact you as soon as possible to set up an interview.

2. The selection interview

After receiving your CV, you will be contacted by phone/zoom/skype or you can come to one of our offices in Romania or Italy to discuss details, conditions fulfilled, the job offer, etc.

If you do not have a CV, and you do not have the possibility to create one, you will be helped by phone by a consultant from our company, in order to design a CV. You only need to provide your personal data and the necessary information for your CV, such as:

employment dates, employing companies, job responsibilities.

After the interview, you will present, depending on the need, the following photocopies of the documents:

- copy of bulletin

- copy of the diploma

- Criminal record

- medical certificate - fit for work

- passport proof that you are not prohibited from leaving the country

- proof from the municipality/social welfare office - that you have someone to leave the minor children with, if you have minor children

3. Applying for the job

After the interview, if the candidate meets the conditions of the profile sought by the employers, and the offer matches the candidate's expectations, we send your CV to the employers for analysis.

4 . The interview with the employer

Depending on the chosen job, if your CV is accepted, in some cases, a direct interview will be held with the employer, telephone/skype/zoom interview.

 Later, after the employer's acceptance for one of the jobs, the file will be completed with other necessary documents depending on the position offered.

For example, if you opt for a General Medical Assistant job, you will need:

- Diploma of General Medical Assistant

- Graduation diploma translated, legalized and apostilled

5. Candidate file

The preparation of the file is a free service, no commission is charged for it. The documents required for a legal collaboration between the candidates and the company Jobsa Pro, are sent to the candidate and must be returned completed and signed, after accepting the job offer. These are:

  • All the above documents
  • Mediation contract - this includes the firm offer from the employer
  • Declarations + information notes Jobsa Pro
  • Employment contract in Italian and translated into Romanian
  • Annex 1 to the employment contract

6 . Leaving the country

After completing the candidate's file, and receiving all accommodation information from the employer, the candidate can prepare for relocation. This aspect will be notified by the Jobsa Pro company to the control bodies, at least 5 working days before the relocation. Most of the time, the transport to the destination country is not insured, and some employers settle the transport to the destination country, after a period of work, which means that the candidates are directly responsible for the transport. Relocation is offered free of charge for the first 3 months, for the training period. After the training period, the employee has the opportunity to choose to live near the workplace at a price between 250 - 350 euros/month or he will be helped in finding his own home.

7. Observations

The Jobsa Pro team offers a dedicated phone number for our collaborators available 24/7 in Romanian. We want to keep in touch with all our candidates. Also, depending on the type of collaboration chosen, we have the possibility to offer accounting consultancy.

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